AsiaPacific Balloons was established in 2012, and initially started trading as a balloon decorator and a supplier of balloon related goods. However, after years of research & development in the field of balloon advertising, we have developed our unique inflatable manufacturing capabilities hence today being the only Inflatable Manufacturer in Malaysia


Sky Dancers, Air Dancers, Wacky Waving Inflatables, Sky Puppets, and Tube Men are all terms used to describe the same eye-catching, animated …

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36' Mid Autumn Festival Moon Balloon

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January 2019
Road Show
Nestle Inflatable Replica
Nestlé Malaysia Inflatable Product Replica

AsiaPacific Balloons' first life-size Inflatable Product Replica made for travelling road show purpose.

June 2019
Jalan Genting Kelang
Durian Theme
Durian Theme Inflatable Set

Durian season can be considered a unique cultural promotional season where vendors promote in each most unique way. Our customers are one of them who created a creative way of advertising by having all inflatables in the form of Durian.

August 2019
Road Show
Tealive Inflatable Replica
Bubble Tea Inflatable Replica

We are pleased and thankful of our customers for giving us the opportunity to push ourselves in making better Inflatable Products. 

February 2020
Sultan Ibrahim Stadium, Johor Bahru
Diamond Floating Inflatable
Diamond Balloon Launching Gimmick
Launching Diamond Balloon Gimmick done for the Stadium Ibrahim Opening, home of JDT Football Club
September 2021
Money Heist Giant Balloon
30' Giant Balloon On Roof
30' feet diameter Giant Balloon done for the launching of new season premier of Netflix's "Money Heist" tv series.
December 2021
St. Regis KL
Wedding Hot Air Balloon Replica
Wedding Hot Air Balloon Replica
Tasteful designed Hot Air Balloon Replica installed for a wedding in collaboration with a talented florist partner.
April 2022
Sunway Pyramid, PJ
MoonKnight Balloon | AsiaPacific Balloons
Moon Knight Premier Launching
Moon Giant Inflatable done for global launching of Marvel's MoonKnight series on Disney+ with video projection
June 2022
Sepang Circuit
Hot Air Balloon Replica Concert | AsiaPacific Balloons
Concert Hot Air Balloon Replica Photo Booth
Giant Hot Air Balloon Replica installed in Sepang Circuit for a concert
June 2022
Gamuda Gardens, Rawang
RemoteMediaFile 6554035 0 2022 05 27 16 17 40 | AsiaPacific Balloons
30' Giant Blimp & 7 Giant Balloons
Giant 30' long blimp and 7 Giant Advertising Balloons installed at Gamuda Gardens, Rawang
September 2022
Sungei Wang Plaza, KL
Record Breaking Giant Moon Balloons
Giant Moon Balloon & Inflatable Rabbit
Malaysia Book of Records' record breaking biggest moon balloon in Malaysia & Inflatable rabbit installed at Sungei Wang Plaza