Lighted Balloon Stand

AsiaPacific Balloons is a lighted balloon stand, balloon lamp, and advertising balloon supplier and manufacturer for promotional products and events. Lighted Balloon Stand is great for outdoor event around canopy places, concerts, and night sporting events while functioning as an advertising lamp post. AsiaPacific Balloons is a lighted balloon stand manufacturer, we allow our advertising clients to custom made not only just the logo but the whole balloon itself. 

Balloon Lamp Production

We have in-house design & production team that ensures your balloon is properly designed for your advertising usage.

Customisable PVC Balloon skin

We allow changes of most parts of the lighted balloon stand parts; the stand, the size of the balloon, the colour, and the lighting are customisable.

Advertising Balloon Maintenance

We provide maintenance in balloon advertising, our experienced Balloon Installers have the know-how to properly maintain your balloon.