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Looking for eye-catching inflatables and balloons in Malaysia? AsiaPacific Balloons is your one-stop shop! We’re a proven supplier offering fast production of custom balloons and inflatables for events and advertising. Contact AsiaPacific Balloons, the leading Event Inflatables and Balloons Industry Supplier.


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At AsiaPacific Balloons, as Malaysia's leading supplier of promotional inflatables, we're constantly ahead of the curve. Our blog is updated regularly showcasing our newest projects and brimming with creative ideas to inspire you. Visit our blog today and see for yourself why we're the best!

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Balloons and Inflatables Production

Advertising Giant Balloons Supplier

Get eye-catching advertising balloons in Malaysia with AsiaPacific Balloons! We specialise in fast production, allowing you to deliver impactful campaigns in as little as 3 days. Perfect for event planners and advertisers on a tight deadline.

Custom Inflatable Replica Production

Bring your brand to life in a big way with custom inflatable replicas from AsiaPacific Balloons. We offer a collaborative production process, putting you in control to ensure your inflatable is crafted exactly to your specifications. Get a head-turning replica that reflects your unique vision!

Event Inflatables and Balloons Support

Take the stress out of event planning with AsiaPacific Balloons’ inflatable and balloon support. Our team of experts brings extensive knowledge to the table, saving you valuable time and resources. We’ll handle everything from installation to maintenance, ensuring a smooth and successful event. Let us focus on the inflatables, so you can focus on creating a memorable experience!

Proven Advertising Inflatables Supplier in Malaysia

Elevate your brand with our proven advertising inflatables. As a trusted supplier in Malaysia, we specialize in custom inflatables and balloons. From captivating skydancers to custom printed giant advertising balloons, our high-quality solutions make a lasting impression. Partner with us for impactful balloon marketing and event success.

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