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AsiaPacific Balloons Sdn Bhd is a custom balloon and inflatable printing solution for your promotions, events, advertising needs. We specialized in providing all the necessary services for advertisement and event when it comes to balloons and inflatables. We have an in-house production team who can tailor to your requirements along the production process


All of our Balloons and Inflatables are made high quality printable PVC materials that enables our adverting customers to print their logo and designs in the best possible way.


We have in-house Advertising Balloons & Inflatables designer that ensures your designs are properly suited to the Inflatables and enlarged without losing aesthetics quality.

Event Support

We are fully committed in assisting our advertising and event partners & clients to ensure customers' experience is great in the best way possible.

Advertising Balloons & Promotional Inflatables


Featured Products

Giant Advertising Balloon

Giant Advertising Balloon

Balloon Aerial Advertising

Inflatable Arch

Inflatable Arch

Outdoor Event Landmark Inflatable

Inflatable Replica

Inflatable Product Replica

Enlarge Your Product For Roadshow

Sky Dancer

Custom Skydancers / Airdancers

Pull Attention Towards Your Business

QR Code Inflatable Replica

QR Code Inflatable

Attract Customers & Capture customer data

Balloon Printing

Wholesale Balloon Printing

Affordable Balloon Advertising

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