Giant Advertising Balloons

AsiaPacific Balloons is a manufacturer of Giant Advertising Balloons and the biggest balloon advertisement service provider in Malaysia. We provide Custom Printed Giant Balloon Manufacturing, Lighted Advertising Balloon Installation and Giant Balloon Launching Rental. We have a team of expert balloon installers for any kind of setup or installation you need for your event and balloons.

At AsiaPacific Balloons, we specialise in manufacturing and selling advertising balloons with a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also advertise your service on our highly visible balloons that are visible to over 100,000 motorists throughout Malaysia every day.

Biggest Balloon Advertisement Service Provider in Malaysia

  1. Contact our balloon experts for installation site survey & recce for safety and optimised balloon advertising placement.
  2. Check with our licensing agent for balloon advertising compliances with local authorities, there’s some areas are illegal to install advertising balloons e.g. airports, military areas, & etc.

Giant Advertising Balloons consist of huge amounts of non-flammable helium gas; however, due to the nature of the gas “escaping” from the balloon, it is advisable to have a weekly refill to ensure the balloon remains floating.

Having weekly refill ensures the balloon to have enough helium gas to exert more upwards motion and also maintain the roundness of the balloon which diverts wind around the balloon instead of creating more wind resistance. 

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Custom Printed Giant Balloon Manufacturing

AsiaPacific Balloons is a Malaysian Inflatable Giant Balloon manufacturer and we supply to other balloon, event, and advertising/ marketing agencies in Malaysia. Source locally with direct factory price with AsiaPacific Balloons. 

Lighted Advertising Balloon Installation

Stand out in the midst of darkness of the night sky by having a Lighted Giant Balloon installed by the most experience Giant Balloon Advertising service provider

Giant Balloon Launching Rental

Looking for a short term Giant Balloon Launching Rental for a day or night’s event; fret not, AsiaPacific Balloons do provide rental solutions for event customers. 

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