Giant Advertising Balloons

Get the best Giant Balloon Advertising experience from the Biggest Giant Advertising Balloons manufacturer in Malaysia with AsiaPacific Balloons. We provide full outdoor giant balloon advertising service inclusive of giant helium balloon permits from DCA and Local Municipal Council, Giant Balloon Manufacturing, and Brand Design Service for Custom Giant Balloon. AsiaPacific Balloon is a custom inflatable balloon supplier for advertising and events industries in Malaysia, call or text us to get latest giant balloon price. 

Helium Balloon

Our Giant Advertising Balloons are filled with certified helium gas to ensure the safety to all advertisers.


We have in-house Advertising Balloons & Inflatables designer that ensures your designs are properly suited to the Giant Advertising Balloon and enlarged without losing aesthetics quality.

Balloon Manufacturer

We are fully committed in assisting our advertising and event partners & clients to ensure customers' experience is great in the best way possible.

Why Use Giant Balloons?

Here is the BIG question, why use Giant Balloons as a method to promote or raise awareness for brands and businesses?

Here are 3 reasons why choose Giant Advertising Balloons as a advertising means:

  • Novelty: Giant Advertising Balloon is great in creating awareness in high traffic area where the balloon is floating above all potential prospect or customer’s sight. It stands out in its own balloon form in comparison to signages, billboards, and banners; thus, it is very noticeable just because it is different than the others. 
  • High Visibility: Giant Advertising Balloons are aerial advertisements where they’re placed above all other forms of advertising of its vicinity. Due to its floating nature and its advertisements are printed all round, advertisement messages can be seen from multiple angle. 
  • Landmark: Giant Advertising Balloon is frequently used as a landmark to inform customers and audience where your event is being held. Customers and audience find Giant Advertising Balloon as an indicator of an event is being held nearby. 
Printed Giant Advertising Balloons vs Sticker Giant Balloons

Why use AsiaPacific Balloons for your Giant Balloon Advertising Campaign?

Here are the reasons why use AsiaPacific Balloons for your next Balloon Advertising Campaign.

  • Experienced: AsiaPacific Balloons Sdn Bhd has been in the balloon advertising business for more than 20 years, we have accumulated an extensive amount in installing and consulting our customers regarding issues of installation, venue, and licensing liaison with respective government agencies.
  • Balloon Manufacturing Capacity: We are proud to present our Custom Printed and Designed Balloons for all our clients from various industries. We focus our effort in ensuring our Balloons are made for Branding & Advertising usage, we don’t compromise on not delivering the intended colour and design of our customer’s marketing and branding needs.
  • Proper: Technically speaking, everyone with the right type of balloon and the right type of floating gas is able to install a Giant Helium Balloon; however, Balloon Advertising isn’t as easy as just putting up balloon in the sky. AsiaPacific Balloons has the proper knowhow in terms of having the full and legitimate way of balloon advertising ensuring our advertisers are doing balloon advertising the right way.
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