Giant Advertising Balloons

Giant Advertising Balloons

APB specialised in giant balloons manufacturing mainly Giant Advertising Balloons, PVC Balloons, Helium Balloons, and Giant Helium Advertising Balloons. AsiaPacific Balloons provides all the necessary services for balloon advertising. We have an in-house production team who can tailor to your requirements along the production process.

Helium Gas

Our Giant Advertising Balloons are filled with certified helium gas to ensure the safety to all advertisers.


We have in-house Advertising Balloons & Inflatables designer that ensures your designs are properly suited to the Giant Advertising Balloon and enlarged without losing aesthetics quality.

Manufacturer Support

We are fully committed in assisting our advertising and event partners & clients to ensure customers' experience is great in the best way possible.

Ikea Giant Balloon

PVC Giant Balloons


Create awareness from afar with Giant Advertising Balloons! Giant Balloon can be a great landmark indicating a particular location for your event in Malaysia.

Direct Manufacturer Price by AsiaPacific Balloons

Take advantage from the only Custom Giant Advertising Balloons Manufacturer in Malaysia by using our Full Giant Advertising Balloon Promotion Package which include maintenance service and Signage Advertising Licensing.