20′ Size Inflatable Arch

20-Feet Size Inflatable Arch:

The 20′ Inflatable Arch is widely recognized in the event industry for its common usage. This size is designed to facilitate the passage of one vehicle at a time. Choose from a range of shapes offered by AsiaPacific Balloons, including Hexagon, Semi-Circle, and Square designs, each serving as a standard option


Introducing the Versatile 20-Foot Inflatable Arch:

Within the event industry, the 20′ Inflatable Arch holds a position of prominence due to its widespread application. With its carefully calculated dimensions, this arch allows for the smooth passage of a single vehicle at any given time. AsiaPacific Balloons offers a selection of shapes to cater to your preferences, presenting three established options: Hexagon, Semi-Circle, and Square designs. These variations provide a foundation of choice for your specific requirements.