Hot Air Balloon Replica

Bring out the excitement of Hot Air Balloons with our custom Hot Air Balloon Replica for your next exciting display decoration for indoors and outdoors exhibition. Through many years of collaboration the all major shopping malls and outlets, we are excited to present our Hot Air Balloon Decoration portfolio to all creative and adventurous marketeers!

Stunning Visual

Seeing is believing, we have the capability in creating visually stunning Hot Air Balloons according to your concept.

Custom Design

Bring all the best of us by collaborating your amazing design with our skilled balloon makers to create something beautiful.

Event Support

We are fully committed in assisting our advertising and event partners & clients to ensure customers' experience is great in the best way possible.

Hot Air Balloon Decoration

Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth

Experienced Team

AsiaPacific Balloons has been the only one providing Hot Air Balloon Replica manufacturing in Malaysia , we have accumulated over 10 years of experience in providing Hot Air balloon decoration service.  

Creative Balloon Concept

Collaborating with our awesome event partners throughout our business years, we have collected a fair amount of experience in creating fun and creative Hot Air Balloon Decoration concept.