Inflatable Arch

AsiaPacific Balloons is an Inflatable Arch, Inflatable Tunnel, Inflatable Entrance, and Inflatable Archway manufacturer in Malaysia. Create Finish Line Custom Inflatable Arch for outdoor events, Inflatable Arch can be used as a landmark to indicate the entrance of an event. It is also widely popular among sporting events especially marathon and bike racing events often used as a gate or start/finish line for the racing track.

Inflatable Arch Production

We have in-house design & production team that ensures your Custom Inflatable Arch is properly designed for your advertising usage.

Short Lead time

We focus our production capability on serving only Malaysia event industry ; hence, we can deliver your Inflatable within a week. 

Custom Inflatable Printing

All of our Inflatable Arches are made of high-quality PVC material designed for printing and outdoor usage. It is also water-proof.