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Here are the frequently asked questions about Skydancer, Inflatable tube man, Airdancer, Inflatable Man, Waving Man Inflatable, and etc.  As a Skydancer Inflatable Manufacturer, AsiaPacific Balloons would like to share what we know about all types of skydancers.

What are the benefits of having a Skydancer as promotional tool? 

  1. Value: Skydancer Inflatables are relatively cheaper and durable compared to other types of Inflatables. 
  2. Attention Grabbing: By design Skydancers are made to “dance” or move constantly to be noticed by people or traffic passing by.
  3. Customisable Design: For certain advertisers where branding is important, such advertisers  usually opt for custom design and brand printing to create impactful yet eye-catching skydancers. 


Here are the 2 main components for Skydancers Inflatable

  • Electrical Industrial Fan/ Blower for Skydancer Inflatables ( Usually 12″ or 18″ Diameter )
  • Skydancer Cloth ( Polyester Fabric )

Types of Skydancers

What are the types of Skydancers in the market? 

  1. Straight Tube Skydancer ( Default Colour/ Brand Printing )
  2. Custom Designed Skydancer 
  3. Waving Man Skydancer 
Sky Dancer

Straight Tube Skydancer

AsiaPacific Balloons is a sky dancer inflatable supplier for advertising and promotions. We specialised in supplying air dancer related products.

Custom Sky Dancer Inflatable

Custom Designed Skydancer 

Get your very own custom made sky dancer inflatable here in Malaysia, we have an in-house production team who can tailor to your requirements along the production process.

Types of Skydancers

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