Inflatable Replica shoe

Roadshow Inflatables Products

What can we do for your next roadshow advertising campaign? 

When it comes to roadshow promotional campaign, having a portable items can be very helpful in terms of reducing the cost of installation and transportation. Inflatables are made to be portable and expandable, and because of its expandable nature, it serves as a great tool for display advertising. 

Inflatables are great for roadshow not only because of its expandable and portable features, it is also can be used as an interactive props or tools for the roadshow audiences. Inflatables can be made into stations for games, social activities, and relaxation. 

What you can do with Inflatables for your next roadshow event campaign

Here are some of our ideas at AsiaPacific Balloons that you can use for your next Roadshow events: 

1) Interactive Custom Inflatable Replica with QR Codes ( QR Code Promotion, Gimmicks, or Games )

2) Lighted Balloon Stand ( Direct crowds to the event venue )

3) Inflatable Pub / House ( You don’t want heatstroke )

4) Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth ( People need to take photos of themselves ) 

5) Inflatable Sanitising Station ( Always play safe! )

QR Code Inflatable Banner

Inflatable Product Replica

What Inflatable Replica can do for your next roadshow? 

  • Inflatable Replica is great for Brand Awareness, it stands out as an object that is not only big but eye-catching relatively comparing to Billboards, Signage, and Buntings. 
  • Inflatable Replica can be used for interactive activities with roadshow audience as games. For example, Inflatable Replicas can be printed with special QR Codes that have rewards for customers to redeem.
  •  Create simple fun games like throwing hoops, bowling with inflatable ball, and etc
  • Bigger Inflatable Replica can be used as landmarks for your venue


Inflatable Replicas comes in many forms and materials, at AsiaPacific Balloons, we use only use high quality pvc materials for branding printing purpose. 

Inflatable Product Replica

Lighted Balloon Stand

How I can use Lighted Balloon Stand for my next roadshow event? 

Lighted Balloon Stand comprises 3′ – 5′ PVC Balloon, Led Light, and a sturdy base stand; Lighted Balloon Stand is great for secluded venue or big venue whereby audience needs to be led to the venue. Lighted Balloon Stand is great at night serving as a lamp that lights up the venue or the path to the venue. 

At AsiaPacific Balloons our Lighted Balloon Stand is made simple for users to dismantle and transport to other venue. All of the parts of the Lighted Balloon Stand are detachable; hence, it is suitable for roadshow.  

Lighted Balloon Stand

Inflatable Pub | Inflatable House

Should I consider having a huge Inflatable Pub or Inflatable House in the middle of an open field? 

Big Inflatables are great for open spaces, it is a great way in making use of space while creating ambience and a fun scenery for your audience and attendees. To be honest, Malaysia is kinda hot lah, why not have an option for your attendees somewhere to chill and drink in? 

inflatable pub

Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth

Photo Booth is important! What kind of photo booth is interesting enough? 

Hot Air Balloon comprises many interesting aspects ranging from literature to pop culture, it represents a sense of adventure. Everybody knows a photogenic friend in his or her social circles, consider having an interesting photo booth for all of the photogenic out there. Hot Air Balloon Replica can be used for branding purpose as well. 

Hot Air Balloon Decoration

Inflatable Sanitising Station

Clients are concerned with the SOP for RMCO during the Covid-19 pandemic times, what can I do alleviate this concern?

Indeed it is a challenging time we are facing during the pandemic where many human social activities are disrupted  in order to “flatten the curve” of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. MNC and SME’s alike are somewhat facing similar problems in dealing with uncertain future and stringent rules for events and advertising campaigns when it comes managing crowds. 

Despite the inconvenience that comes with the ongoing pandemic, you can actually consider using Inflatable Sanitising Stations as the entrance and exit of your roadshow event or outdoor event to alleviate the concern of virus spreading.