QR Code Inflatable

AsiaPacific Balloons have collaborated with Mystery Qr to offer a new product, QR Code Viral Marketing Powered Inflatable Product Replica. QR Code Inflatable can be one of the best solution for O2O ( Offline to Online ) Marketing solution for business. Attract attention with Inflatable and capture data with QR Code Viral Marketing Mechanism to enhance and optimise your marketing effort. 


Our Inflatable Product Replica are made of high quality printable PVC materials that enables our adverting customers to print their logo and designs in the best possible way.


Our Technology Partner will assists you in collecting customer data for further remarketing purpose.

Easy Promo

Be able to reach out your customers with your latest promotions and reward. Create fun experience through QR Code Marketing Mechanism.

Milo QR Code Inflatable

QR Code Marketing Powered Inflatable Replica

Awareness + Engagement

Collect Customer Data

Seamless Redemption Process

How QR Code Inflatable works

QR Code Inflatable Banner

Inflatable Replica + QR Code Marketing