Giant PVC Balloon 15 feet ( 5 x 47litre Helium required )


Introducing the Giant Advertising Balloon – 15ft size, it’s perfect for events and advertising. Custom print it to your chosen colours and add a logo or message to make it eye-catching. It’s an inventory item for balloon store owners and a must-have for event management companies. Helium gas is not included. Make a lasting impression and order today!

Introducing the Giant Advertising Balloon, the perfect addition to any event or advertising campaign. Measuring 15 feet in size, this balloon is sure to catch the attention of anyone in the vicinity.The balloon can be custom printed to selected colours, making it the ideal marketing tool for businesses and event planners alike. You can easily further customize the balloon with your company logo or message with stickers, making it an eye-catching centerpiece at your next corporate event or trade show.The Giant Advertising Balloon is also an excellent inventory item for balloon store owners who want to offer something unique and impressive to their customers. This product is perfect for event management companies who want to create a buzz around their events or promote their clients’ brands.Please note, Helium Gas is not included with the product. You’ll need to purchase this separately to inflate the balloon.Overall, the Giant Advertising Balloon is an essential item for any business or event planner looking to make a lasting impression. Order yours today and watch as it draws in crowds and generates excitement at your next event or promotion!
Giant Advertising Balloon 15 feet

Black, Onyx Black, Charcoal Black, Jet Black, White, Snow White, Ivory White, Pearl White, Red, Scarlet Red, Crimson Red, Maroon Red, Green, Emerald Green, Olive Green, Lime Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Steel Blue, Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Gold Yellow, Mustard Yellow, Orange, Tangerine Orange, Peach Orange, Coral Orange, Purple, Lavender Purple, Mauve Purple, Amethyst Purple, Pink, Bubblegum Pink, Salmon Pink, Fuchsia Pink