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Out Of Home Advertising Malaysia Inflatables

What else you can do with Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising in Malaysia?

Indeed it is a challenging time we are facing during the pandemic where many human social activities are disrupted  in order to “flatten the curve” of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. MNC and SME’s alike are somewhat facing similar problems in dealing with uncertain future and stringent rules for events and advertising campaigns when it comes managing crowds. 

Despite the inconvenience that comes with the ongoing pandemic, consumers in Malaysia are adapting to changes with the recovery movement control order, they have also picked up some habits that weren’t prevalent before the pandemic as such: 

1) Scanning QR Codes ( Contact Tracing, E-Wallet payments, ordering in restaurants )

2) Wearing face mask ( Public places, work places, and schools )

3) Constant Sanitisation

4) Avoiding confined spaces if possible ( Being outdoors? )

5) Constant having temperature checked 

6) Vacating seats beside you while sitting in

Turn Inconvenience To Advertising Convenience

Aerial Advertising

Icon City Lighted Giant Advertising Balloon

Aerial Advertising is about creating IMPACT in the mind of your audience, amuse them with Lighted Giant Advertising Balloons. Giant Advertising Balloons stands out just because it floats above almost everything we see or interact with, people are naturally drawn to big floating objects out of curiosity or maybe it is just our primitive nature to be fascinated whatever up in the sky? 

Here are something you need to know about having Giant Advertising Balloons as a form of Aerial Advertising as Out Of Home (OOH) advertising means. 

  1. It is all about the location of the balloon to determine the impact and longevity of the balloon, you have to allow an experienced team to advise and inform you about the risk of the lasting before expected date. 
  2. Basically is advisable to not have the balloon near roads and train tracks to avoid it falling on vehicles or trains; however, the balloon is soft and harmless to building structures because it the balloon is made of PVC plastic material and is usually filled with Helium ( non-reactive gas ). 
  3. Advertising Balloon is considered as a form of temporary signage in most local municipal council in Malaysia, make sure you apply all the right advertising license with the respective jurisdiction.

Creative Visual Merchandising

Take advantage of the trend  or habit of scanning QR codes with interesting cool visual merchandising; whatever the situation during this pandemic season is not all gloomy and limiting, fun and creativity will always go a long way in creating a memorable experience for consumers to participate.

Since social distancing is an essential part of our lives at the moment, make the best out of it by putting replicas of merchandise in spaces between people instead of leaving empty void. 

Benefits of doing Visual Merchandising with Inflatables:

1) Inflatables are made to be portable and big once air filled, place it anywhere that will be impactful to your audience and customers 

2) Inflatables are relatively cheaper compare to other forms of product replicas or sculptures, take advantage and create enough volume and impact. 

QR Code Inflatable Banner

Sponsor Pandemic Related Products

Act of giving is always good! Especially when it is needed the most, try sponsoring PPEs, and related items that help to curb the spread of Covid-19. Giving away free branded facemask, printing caring messages on temperature checking stops, or sponsoring disinfecting tunnels are beneficial to the public and also the businesses. Building trust through act of giving can be good in the long run. 

disinfectant tunnel carrefour e1599643500674
branded face mask


Despite the inconvenience that comes with the ongoing pandemic, people are adapting to changes with the recovery movement control order; hence, businesses and marketers must also adjust their messages and promotion focusing in delivering positive and compelling messages to their customers during challenging times.