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All You Need To Know About Advertising Balloons

If you’re reading this blog post about everything you need to know about having Giant Helium Balloon to promote your business or your client’s brands, you have already made the right choice! This blog post serves to let you know everything you need to know about Giant Advertising Balloon prior to ordering from us or other local Giant Advertising Balloon provider, we will inform you as much as possible from our experience of over 10 years in the industry. 

Here are the frequently asked questions about Giant Balloons, PVC Balloons, Giant Helium Balloons, Sky Balloons, Giant Advertising Balloon, Inflatable Balloons, or Inflatable Blimps. As a Giant Balloon Supplier and Manufacturer, AsiaPacific Balloons would like to share what we know about Giant Balloons.

What are the common sizes for giant balloons for advertising and promotional usages? 

The rule of thumb for choosing the right size of Giant Balloon depends on 3 factors: budget, duration, and impact. The bigger the balloon, the greater the amount helium gas it contains. Just like the normal latex balloons, helium gas inside the balloon will gradually escape through the skin of the balloon.

Here are the common sizes you may choose for your Giant Balloon advertising campaign and event. 

  • 10 Feet Diameter Balloon : 10′ giant balloon is the smallest recommended size for balloon advertising, it is commonly used for events that are held for a day or few. If you’re thinking of having Giant Balloon for less than a week, 10 feet balloon will be suitable for your usage. 
  • 12 Feet Diameter Balloon: 12′ giant balloon is the mid range giant balloon for advertising and promotional usage. If you’re planning to have your giant balloon for weeks to a month, we would recommend you 12′ giant balloon 
  • 15 Feet Diamater Balloon: 15′ giant balloon is the recommended size for a longer term balloon advertising, frequently used for duration of 1 month and above.   

Why Use Giant Advertising Balloons?

Here is the BIG question, why use Giant Advertising Balloon as a method to promote or raise awareness for brands and businesses?

Here are 3 reasons why choose Giant Advertising Balloons as a advertising means:

  • Novelty: Giant Advertising Balloon is great in creating awareness in high traffic area where the balloon is floating above all potential prospect or customer’s sight. It stands out in its own balloon form in comparison to signages, billboards, and banners; thus, it is very noticeable just because it is different than the others. 
  • High Visibility: Giant Advertising Balloons are aerial advertisements where they’re placed above all other forms of advertising of its vicinity. Due to its floating nature and its advertisements are printed all round, advertisement messages can be seen from multiple angle. 
  • Landmark: Giant Advertising Balloon is frequently used as a landmark to inform customers and audience where your event is being held. Customers and audience find Giant Advertising Balloon as an indicator of an event is being held nearby. 
giant advertising balloon

How Long Can A Giant Advertising Balloon Last?

The durability of a helium powered Giant Advertising Balloons as an aerial advertising means usually comes down to a few factors mostly depending on its installation venue. 

  • Topography: The lifespan of a Giant Advertising Balloon is affected by its surroundings. Topography of the venue affects the probability of the balloon colliding into things such as: other buildings, transmission towers, trees, and other structures. The topography of the land such as being in the valley, coast, and hill determines the wind condition where causes the balloon to collide into nearby structures. 
  • Weather: Giant Advertising Balloons are aerial advertisements where it is susceptible to weather conditions such as: rain, storm, and other extreme weather condition. 
  • Maintenance: The only controllable variable in the lifespan of Giant Advertising Balloons is the maintenance. The maintenance service that usually recommended by advertising balloon provider will include service such as helium refill inflation, leakage checking, and balloon patching. Maintenance is highly recommended due to a 2 reasons, the helium gas particles will gradually escape the balloon, and patching up the balloon just incase there’s leakage from minor impact. 


What Documents Are Required To Have For Giant Balloon Advertising In Malaysia?

Giant Advertising Balloons are considered as a form of temporary signage in the advertising license application process. The only well known license that other Giant Advertising Balloon provider offer is DCA ( Department of Civil Aviation ) license; however, there are actually 3 licenses or permits required for Giant Balloon Advertising:   

  • Local Municipal Council: Local Municipals such as MPSJ, MBKL, MBPJ, MPAJ, and others have different fees and processes in dealing with Giant Balloon Advertising license. Based on our experience in Balloon Advertising, the local municipal license is the most important because of enforcement issues. 
  • Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka ( DBP ): Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka is the government body responsible for coordinating the use of the Malay language; in the case of the wording on the Advertising Balloon, we recommend customer to have their advertisement to be dominantly in Bahasa Malaysia for smooth and faster application processing. 
  • Department of Civil Aviation ( DCA ): Department of Civil Aviation is an agency under the Ministry of Transport (MOT) Malaysia to provide safe, efficient and orderly flow of air transportation. As a provider or advertiser of Aerial Balloon Advertising, advertiser must receive a permit from the DCA prior to installing Advertising Balloons for the safety of air transportation. 


Call or text us for more information regarding the required document for the application process for all the permits and licenses mention above


Do's and Don'ts for Giant Balloon Advertising

AsiaPacific Balloon would like to share some of the Do’s and Don’ts for Balloon Advertising from all the experience we have accumulated for almost 20 years in the industry. 

  • The balloon can only reach the distance the rope permits plus the size fo the balloon. Just a general rule of thumb for balloon installation know the distance of possible hazards such as transmission tower, tele-communication towers, roads, LRT tracks, and hazardous structures, avoid at all cost to allowed the length of the rope to be the same with any hazardous places or structures. 
  • Don’t use flammable gas as floating gas, e.g., Hydrogen Gas. Helium Gas is always recommended. 
  • Due to storm and lightning, don’t use conductive material ropes for Advertising Balloons, e.g., metal, copper ropes.
  • Make sure the Balloon tethering or tying point is accessible easily to respective personnel in case of storm to ensure longevity of the advertising balloon. 
  • Make sure you survey or have your provide survey for you the area for advertising balloon installation, not all places are suitable for advertising balloons. 


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