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As an Inflatable Supplier and Manufacturer, AsiaPacific Balloons would like to share what we know about Inflatables.

Here are the frequently asked questions about Inflatable Arches, Inflatable Tent, Inflatable Replicas, Inflatable Tube Man, Inflatable Sky Dancers, Inflatable Bouncy Castle, and etc. As an Inflatable Supplier and Manufacturer, AsiaPacific Balloons would like to share what we know about Inflatables.

What are the common materials used in making Inflatables? 

The rule of thumb in making inflatables is that the inflatables must have these characteristics: portable, light, and expandable. Here are the commonly used materials in inflatable manufacturing: 

  1. Oxford Woven Cloth 
  2. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Coated Vinyl or Nylon
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Types of Inflatables

There are many types of Inflatables in the marketplace; however, here are the categories to be used to distinguish all the types of inflatables: 

  1. Pressure type
  2. Usage / Function 


Pressure type 

When it comes to pressure type in inflatables, there are 2 types: High Pressure and Low Pressure. 

  • High Pressure: High Pressure Inflatables are made with tougher, flexible material and the inflated at a relatively high pressure. For example, bouncy castles and airplane emergency rafts are high-pressure inflatable structures
  • Low Pressure: Low-pressure inflatables are made with lighter materials. For example, Inflatable Replicas, Inflatable Arches, and most Decorative Inflatables are low-pressure inflatables


  • Aerial Inflatables ( Balloons ) : Aerial Inflatables or Balloons are made with light weight PVC material and it is designed to be non-leaking due to the fact it needs to contain the floating gas within the structure. 
  • Inflatable Bouncers ( Inflatable Castle ) : Inflatable Bouncers are usually rented out for amusement or festival events as a playground for kids. It is usually made thicker type of PVC such as Tarpaulin material for durability and bouncing effect. 
  • Promotional Inflatables ( Advertising Inflatables ) : Promotional Inflatables are usually used as advertising material in events and roadshows where portability is important. For example, Inflatable Product Replica, Inflatable Arches, sky dancers, Inflatable Waving Tube Man, and Inflatable Mascots are considered promotional inflatables. 
  • Inflatables for Entertainment ( Inflatable Obstacles ) : Inflatables can be used as huge creative games such water park obstacles, maze, football goal post, and etc.
  • Decorative Inflatables ( i.e Christmas inflatables and Halloween inflatables ) : Decorative Inflatables usually made of material such as Oxford Woven Cloth due to its lightweight and durability. 
  • Inflatable Boats: An inflatable boat is a lightweight boat constructed with its sides and bow made of inflatable tubes. For smaller boats, the floor and hull beneath it is often flexible. On boats longer than 3 metres or 10 feet, the floor often consists of three to five plywood or aluminium sheets fixed between the tubes but not joined together.  
  • Structural Inflatables ( Inflatable Buildings ): Usually huge inflatables constructed using two layers of membrane connected together, typically using spars made from the same material. The cavity formed between the layers is pressurised with air producing a rigid structural element which allows large span structures to be achieved.

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