Inflatable Supplier Malaysia

Inflatable Supplier Malaysia

AsiaPacific Balloons is a custom promotional inflatable company located in Klang Valley, we specialised in custom inflatables and advertising balloons production in Malaysia. 

This Blog serves to inform What We Can Do For You as your local Custom Inflatable Solution. Here is the shortlist of Products we can do for you: 

  1. Inflatable Arches
  2. Inflatable Product Replica 
  3. Inflatable Mascot
  4. Lighted Balloon Standee 
  5. Giant Advertising Balloons 
  6. Skydancers 
  7. Hot Air Balloon Replica

Inflatable Arches

Use Inflatable Arch for your outdoor events: Sports Events, Roadshows, Carnival, or even Night or Day Markets. Here are some pictures of our past works:

Inflatable Product Replica

Use Inflatable Product Replica for brand exposure, Inflate and enlarged your products with the convenience of easy storage and mobility for roadshow!

Inflatable Mascot

Create an Inflatable version of your character, Inflatable Mascots are great for road shoe events. AsiaPacific Balloons specialised in creating PVC based Inflatables for it’s printing quality. 

Lighted Balloon Standee

Use Lighted Balloon Standee to direct visitors and customers to your event. Create awareness with Custom Lighted Balloon Standee

Giant Advertising Balloons

Giant Advertising Balloons are considered advertising novelty, advertisers stand out because of its uniqueness and boldness. With the right execution for Giant Balloon Advertising considering these 5 factors: Size, Duration, Location, Maintenance, and Licensing, advertisers will leave an impressionable advertisement to their audiences. 


Welcome your customers and guest to your business or showroom with Skydancer! Waving Custom Skydancers and Custom Skydancer Inflatable production by the skydancer supplier Malaysia

Hot Air Balloon Replica

Over 10 years of experience in manufacturing Hot Air Balloon Replica in Malaysia, AsiaPacific Balloon is the only Inflatable Supplier in Malaysia that has an in-house production for Hot Air Balloon Replica.

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