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Guide To Giant Balloon Advertising

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    Guide To Giant Balloon Advertising

    Here is the Guide To Giant Balloon Advertising based on more than 10 years of industrial experience as a supplier of Giant Advertising Balloons, AsiaPacific Balloons concluded that are 5 factors in deciding whether Balloon Advertising is right for you:

    1. Size
    2. Duration
    3. Location
    4. Maintenance 
    5. Licensing 

    Giant Advertising Balloon Sizes

    There are 3 common giant balloon sizes in the market:

    1. 10ft
    2. 12ft
    3. 15ft

    When considering in choosing the right size of Giant Advertising Balloon for your balloon advertising campaign you may need to consider 2 things:

    1. Venue: ( Indoor or Outdoor ) 10 ft or 3m or below is recommended indoor; on the other hand, 12ft or 3.6m or above is recommended for outdoors. 
    2. Lifespan: Based on years experience, for optimal lifespan, we recommend advertisers to use 15ft or 4.5m size Giant Advertising Balloons for outdoors aerial balloon advertising. The basic rule of thumb for outdoors Giant Advertising Balloons is that the bigger volume of Helium Gas the balloon contains, the more resistance it has from being “pushed around” by windy weather conditions. 


    Giant Balloon Advertising Duration

    When it comes to duration of Giant Helium Balloons, it comes to 3 things to be considered:

      1. Budget: All Helium Advertising Balloons floating in the air must be maintained weekly; hence weekly maintenance must be imposed to ensure the longevity of the balloon. 
      2.  Location: Giant Advertising Balloons are susceptible to strong wind weather conditions; hence, to ensure longer lifespan for Giant Balloon try finding venue that has less obstructing objects such as taller buildings or trees. 
      3. Licensing Period: To install a Giant Advertising Balloon, advertiser must apply permit from various government agencies, usually the permit last only 1 month per application. Advertisers are advised to put in consideration of licensing cost in their budgeting and duration of the advertising balloon.

    Suitable Location For Giant Balloon Advertising

    How to look for optimal location for Giant Advertising Balloons? 
    A straightforward answer for finding the most favourable location to install Giant Advertising Balloons is an open field without any obstructing sharp objects

    Here are some obstructing objects to look out for:
    1) If the balloon is on a roof: 
    – Antennas ( Tele-communicative structures )
    – Other taller building
    – Lighting Structures
    2) If the balloon is on a canopy or ground:
    – Road Lamp Post
    – Road with vehicles
    – Canopy structures 
    Although we all know it is impossible to limit ourselves from not installing the giant advertising balloon at location that gives the best visibility and advertising impact; However, our experts will help our advertisers to find balance between impact and longevity for Giant Balloon Advertising. 


    Giant Advertising Balloons Maintenance Service

    Why do advertisers must order weekly maintenance for Giant Advertising Balloons? 

    There are 2 reasons for having weekly maintenance done for Giant Advertising Balloons: 

    1. Gas leakage: Yes, they will be small leakages of Helium Gas out of the balloon due to its nature in like manner to the usual party balloons you see in birthday parties. 
    2. Checking Damages: Upon impact to any sharp objects, when is not serious as such of punctured with a small hole, the balloon leaks slowly and unnoticeably, our Balloon Experts will identify and patch the damaged parts of the balloon to prolong the lifespan of the balloon.  
    Giant Advertising Balloon Licensing

    AsiaPacific Balloons provide full licensing service for our advertisers, do contact us further to know more about the licensing process. 

    Giant Advertising Balloons licensing or permits involves 2 type of government agencies in Malaysia:

    1) Department of Civil Aviation ( Jabatan Penerbangan Awam Malaysia ) – To inform DCA about an floating object 

    2) Local Municipal Council ( e.g., MBKL, MBPJ, MPSJ, MPKJ ) – Giant Advertising Balloon is considered as an advertisement therefore a permit from the local council is required


    It is very important to seek for a balloon advertising supplier that provides the proper licensing service to avoid being penalised or illegal. 

    Giant Advertising Balloons are considered advertising novelty, advertisers stand out because of its uniqueness and boldness. With the right execution for Giant Balloon Advertising considering these 5 factors: Size, Duration, Location, Maintenance, and Licensing, advertisers will leave an impressionable advertisement to their audiences. 


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